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Since its arrival in the Orbit of G-54 the Hermes, a prototype Starship did not answer any communication nor did it give any sign of life. As the head of security of G-54 it is Ser..
You have crashed onto the unknown planet and it's been about 15 years since then. Do everything possible to escape from this planet! Use arrow keys to move and follow the in-game i..
Roll and jump your way through each hazard filled level and save your kidnapped girlfriend.
Hone your platforming skills by guiding the Raven through the hazardous underground sewers.
Escape from a mining tunnel that will explode in two and a half minutes, can you pass the obstacles, defy death and out safely?
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Flash Game
This is a story about two best friends, a boy Pheus and his dog Mor. Help them to solve puzzles and find out what happened! Plz dont write story ending in comments :)
Take on Egyptian Gods on a quest to retrieve the legendary Amulet of Osiris.
Unlike every martial arts the Ninjas have no rules about honor and combat. Your goal is simple: you must robe all the money without let the enemies alive!
Play as mario collect those coins and help him save the princess again
Jacko needs to summon the great spirit of Halloween. With new challenges and new dangers will he accomplish his darkest mission?
Rescue small Frizzles, collect keys, destroy enemies.You need to rescue as many small Frizzles as you can.
Exterminator is a game of active cyborg shooting the aliens in the space lab!
Is the city in danger again? It looks like a job for our hero – robber Bob! Angry dogs, watchful securities and cameras, laser gratings and … zombies!!! Help Bob to save the ci..
Jump, slide, dash and try to escape your assailants.
Explore beautiful planets in this action platform distance game. Collect coins, customize and upgrade pets, boost your way to glory!
Maneuver through each course collecting as many stars as you can and get to the finish line before time runs out in this fun driving game.
Welcome to the planet «Zombotron», inhabited by human-mutants or just stupid zombies. Nobody knows where they come from and what they eat. But we know one thing – they are read..
Inspired by Canabalt, you are another random cave runner, making a run for the exit! Along the way, an unknown force is trying to prevent you from escaping. Slicing up evil spiri..
Black star airplane coloring Game.
Piece together the puzzle that is our Butterfly Hero!
In Hidden objects Halloween Room your objective is to spot all the given hidden scary objects in the room before the time is up. Good luck and have fun! You can also use hints if y..
This is a new spot the differences online game where you have to find the differences between nice Jack o lantern images. Spot every little difference to win! You have a time limi..
Lady little sandy coloring Game.
Play this 3 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of Forest Jigsaw. Level up, difficulty increase.Have Fun!
Fun, exciting and intense racing game that keep you entertained for hours.
Snake on the land coloring Game.
Fun, exciting and intense racing game that keep you entertained for hours.
Top 10 racing game which get your adrenaline running faster than you can drive.
You finally decide to face your fears and battle your way through the asylum.
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