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Balões is a game style "shooting". The objective is to destroy as many balloons before time runs out.
This is a very simple card game. The aim of the game is to collect the minimum number of cards in your hand, less than opponent. Cards rank is ignored in this game. The next card p..
Open for yourself new card solitaire game from What could be better than sandy beach, coco palms and sound of the sea waves? The goal of the game is to clear.. draws your attention to its new free excellent mahjong game. Al Capone challenges you to play the game, the first prize is life. Be the winner! The tiles depi..
Fun puzzler where you will have to mix and match colors in order to unlock barriers to beat the game
Win the tug of war by getting the power to tug by selecting the letter that comes before the others in Arabic alphabetical order. You can see the guide of Arabic alphabet at the to..
Slot Bingo at it's finest Featuring two dashing puzzle modes and high scores.
play Monk and Tiger puzzle and complete puzzle and get happy time
Collect all hidden objects to win! You have a limited time for clicks. Collect the pictures to get more clicks. Also Enter Your name and Submit your score!
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